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Invisalign Teen

Published on March 06, 2023
Invisalign Teen is an innovative orthodontic treatment option that uses clear aligners to straighten your teen’s smile. Much like traditional braces with metal brackets and wires, clear plastic aligners apply pressure to teeth and help them shift into alignment.

Often, parents have questions about the effectiveness of Invisalign vs. braces. Years ago, Invisalign Teen was reserved for simple orthodontic issues. Howe...[more]

It's Time for a Bracelift

Published on February 16, 2023
As we grow older, many of us turn to expensive and invasive cosmetic treatments in an effort to retain a youthful appearance. Despite all of the gimmicks out there, studies show that your smile can do more to make you look younger than anything else!

“Bracelift” treatments can help you look younger and feel more confident about your appearance. By enhancing the alignment and widening the arch of the teeth, orthod...[more]

Do You Have The Ideal Bite?

Published on January 09, 2023
If you're like most people, you probably weren’t born with an ideal bite. Having a bite that is less than ideal can lead to excessive and uneven tooth wear, jaw joint pain, muscle problems, and headaches.

Having properly aligned teeth isn’t just about enhancing your smile, it’s also about improving your oral health, and reducing your risk of common dental problems such as tooth wear, tooth decay and gum disease....[more]

Handling Orthodontic Issues at Home

Published on December 06, 2022

Chorak Orthodontics

Even though you are careful, you may occasionally damage your braces or orthodontic appliance. While there are steps you can take to temporarily fix or alleviate discomfort and prevent additional damage, you should always notify our office if you have any issues or concerns.

At Chorak Orthodontics, we want our patients to be informed of problems that may occur, and understand how to solve them, at least temporarily, ...[more]