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How Can You Speed Up Orthodontic Treatment?

Published on October 19, 2022

Chorak Orthodontics

One of the most asked questions when patients get their braces on is… “How long will treatment last?” While there is no quick fix, there are ways to speed up your orthodontic treatment. The following tips will help you get the most from your orthodontic treatment in as little time as possible.

  • Follow Dr. Chorak’s Instructions - If you want the best possible result from your orthodontic treatment, it is especially important that you follow the instructions we give you when it comes to caring for your teeth and braces. By following Dr. Chorak’s guidelines, you will get a cohesive and effective course of treatment. If you disregard his instructions, you may lengthen your treatment time, incur additional costs, and even jeopardize your results.
  • Keep Your Regularly Scheduled Appointments - Braces will only work effectively if you have them adjusted as needed. Regular visits to our office are important to ensure that your teeth are responding well to treatment. With every appointment, your teeth are shifting into a better position. By checking your progress and replacing your wires, we keep you on track for getting your braces off ASAP. If you miss appointments here and there that can mean that you will likely have to wear braces longer than you had planned to get the desired results.
  • Watch What You Eat - Teeth move best in a healthy environment and in individuals who maintain excellent overall health. There isn’t a hard, crunchy, or sticky food that is worth the setback it can cause in your treatment. Not only can a loose bracket or wire really hurt your mouth, but it also means your braces will take longer to do their job.
  • Protect Your Teeth - Protecting your teeth and orthodontic appliances is essential to completing your treatment in a timely manner. Be sure to brush and floss regularly. We recommend brushing your teeth three times a day and flossing at least once a day. Make sure to brush all surfaces of your teeth with a fluoride toothpaste and a soft-bristled toothbrush. If you or your child play any sports, be sure to use a mouthguard. Mouthguards shield your teeth as they move into their new positions and help protect the straightening process itself.

When undergoing orthodontic treatment, the most important thing you can do is to choose an orthodontist who is highly trained and one who has experience in treating cases of all types. The skill level of your orthodontist is the number one factor in determining how long your treatment will be.

Dr. Chorak is a board-certified orthodontist committed to providing exceptional treatment. He uses 3D computer technology to craft customized treatment plans for each patient. Paired with his scientifically backed approach, Chorak Orthodontics patients often see shorter treatment times, without added expenses.

If you are looking for a new smile, Dr. Chorak has years of experience providing the finest treatment available. Call Chorak Orthodontics today.

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