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Do You Have The Ideal Bite?

Published on January 09, 2023
If you're like most people, you probably weren’t born with an ideal bite. Having a bite that is less than ideal can lead to excessive and uneven tooth wear, jaw joint pain, muscle problems, and headaches.

Having properly aligned teeth isn’t just about enhancing your smile, it’s also about improving your oral health, and reducing your risk of common dental problems such as tooth wear, tooth decay and gum disease.

Although it can be difficult to identify exactly what an ideal bite should look like, there are a few general rules you can use to help you decide whether you should book an appointment with Dr. Chorak. To fully understand what an ideal bite should look like, you will need to look at your teeth from three different views.

1. From the Front

When you look in the mirror the edges of your top teeth should follow the curve of your bottom lip. When your teeth are clenched together, about 90% of your bottom teeth should be visible. In an ideal bite, the upper arch is slightly wider than the lower. The upper midline should line up with the middle of the upper lip and the lower midline should line up with the top one.

When your teeth are closed, looking at the front view can also help you identify the presence of certain orthodontic problems. For example, if your upper row of teeth doesn’t cover your lower teeth, it’s possible that you may have an open bite.

2. From the Side

Examining your bite from the right or left side may be difficult to do, but just know that your teeth should meet like cogs in a wheel. When looking at the side view of your teeth, when your bite is closed, the pointed ends of your top teeth should rest nicely within the gap between two of your lower teeth and the edges of your upper teeth should not bite directly on the edges of your lower teeth. Your bite should close without experiencing any obstacles or issues.

If your upper teeth are draped over the bottom ones, it’s likely that you are suffering from an overbite. When the bottom teeth are positioned over your top teeth, this is referred to as an underbite.

3. From the Bottom

To examine your upper and lower rows of teeth, look in the mirror with your mouth opened wide. Both your upper and lower rows of teeth should follow a standard curve. They should all be touching each other with no overlapping or spacing between them. If you notice any overlapping or spacing, it’s likely that you are suffering from crooked or widely spaced teeth.

Taking a good look at your teeth from these three different views is an effective way to determine whether you have an ideal bite. However, to be confident about your bite, consider scheduling an appointment with Dr. Mario Chorak. A short complimentary consultation will allow us to identify your next course of action.

If you find that your bite isn’t as good as you would like it to be, contact Chorak Orthodontics today so that we can schedule your initial orthodontic consultation and help you determine which treatment is right for your needs.

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