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It's Time for a Bracelift

Published on February 16, 2023
As we grow older, many of us turn to expensive and invasive cosmetic treatments in an effort to retain a youthful appearance. Despite all of the gimmicks out there, studies show that your smile can do more to make you look younger than anything else!

“Bracelift” treatments can help you look younger and feel more confident about your appearance. By enhancing the alignment and widening the arch of the teeth, orthodontic treatment can create better facial balance and aesthetics, lending the appearance of fuller cheeks and lips, smoother and higher cheek contours, and broader smiles.

We all know that healthy teeth are important to maintaining overall health. But we sometimes overlook the impact our teeth can have on our emotional well-being. Orthodontic treatment can provide a life-long improvement to your overall appearance...improving your self-confidence.

3 Easy Steps to Take Years Off of Your Appearance

Step 1: Oral Hygiene - The way to take years off your appearance is to practice good oral hygiene. Maintaining good oral health throughout your life doesn’t just preserve the appearance of your smile, but it can preserve your overall health too. Brushing twice a day and flossing regularly promotes healthy teeth and gums and keeps your smile looking and feeling clean.

Step 2: Whiten Your Teeth - Teeth naturally darken as we age. Even if you take fantastic care of your teeth, they will eventually yellow over time. Micro-fractures, thinning enamel, and built-up stains can make your teeth look duller and older.

Step 3: Straighten Your Teeth - Even if you start out with perfectly straight teeth, something called mesial drift will cause them to shift over time. Crowded teeth are an instant giveaway of age and straightening your teeth can often take 10 to 15 years off your appearance.

If you have any questions about how we can help give you a healthier, younger looking smile, give our Fairwood and Mercer Island orthodontic offices a call to schedule an appointment with Dr. Chorak today.

And remember…One of the best ways to appear more youthful is to smile more!

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